Budget Coaching Program

If you are looking for ways to collect paid coaching experience hours, Coach Academy has created a special Budget Coaching Program for you to participate in.

Positive Coach frequently gets requests for coaching from people who cannot afford my fees. Rather than turn them down or send them to someone else, I’d like to offer an enticing coaching package with coaches I trust at a super competitive price. This would NOT be offered directly to the general public, so your professional brand and standard pricing won’t be diluted.

Here’s How It Works

If you would like to participate and have your information made available to possible clients, you need to “register” and provide some short professional bio information. Once approved, your information will be displayed on the Graduate Coach Directory accessible on a secure portal from the Positive Coach website (www.positivecoach.com).

When I receive a viable lead, I will offer the potential client a unique passcode to review participating coaches on the Directory. They can request contact information for up to three coaches for an exploratory call. Positive Coach will send an introductory email to you and the potential client so that you know to expect a call and that the Budget Coaching Program applies.

When you are selected as the coach, it is your responsibility to collect the package fee directly from the client. Positive Coach will not be involved in the financial transaction and expects no referral fee for the engagement.

Should you agree to take this engagement, you are not committed to this package pricing or this client for more than the first package and one renewal (maximum 10 sessions) or six months, whichever occurs first. After this commitment, you are free to charge any fees you choose.

You may opt-out of (or back in to) the Budget Coaching Program at any time by simply updating your election on your Coach Academy Alumni profile.

There is a one-time $120 admin fee to participate in the program. Once you complete the registration below, you will be taken to the Coach Academy webstore to pay the fee.

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