Webinar 03: Cultivates Trust and Safety—Creating Safe Spaces


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Webinar Three: Cultivates Trust and Safety—Creating Safe Spaces
90-minute Webinar over Zoom
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Participants will review the competency of Cultivates Trust and Safety. We will discuss the importance of creating a safe space for the client to explore and grow, of building instant and ongoing rapport in the coach/client relationship, and holding to the belief that the client has the resources he or she needs to be successful.

Learning Objectives: Participants will . . . 

  • Define Cultivates Trust and Safety
  • Review foundational coaching beliefs
  • Discuss tips for creating a safe environment for the client
  • Receive strategies for creating instant rapport and intimacy
  • Learn ongoing strategies for expanding and protecting client rapport and safety, such as asking permission to discuss potentially sensitive areas
  • Learn the competency markers for PCC certification
  • Create an action plan to apply to their coaching practice