Webinar 06: Powerful Questioning—Provoking Discovery


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Webinar Six: Powerful Questioning—Provoking Discovery
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
90-minute Webinar over Zoom
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Participants will review the competency of Powerful Questioning. Participants will discover the nature of a powerful question and what makes it powerful. Explore a selection of NLP Presuppositions that could challenge a client’s assumptions, beliefs, or their ways of looking at the situation or themselves.

Learning Objectives:  Participants will. . . 

  • Define Powerful Questioning
  • Discuss the danger of closed or leading questions and ways to avoid or reframe them
  • Integrate the skills of Trust, Coaching Presence, and Active Listening into the magic of Powerful Questioning
  • Identify specific strategies for fostering curiosity and asking clear, open-ended questions that allow clients to make new discoveries for themselves
  • Explore four provocative NLP presuppositions that inspire powerful questions
  • Discover the necessary role of silence in conjunction with powerful questions
  • Learn the competency markers for PCC certification
  • Create an action plan to apply to their coaching practice