Webinar 08: Creating Awareness—Exploring from the Inside Out


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Webinar Eight: Creating Awareness—Exploring from the Inside Out
Tuesday, November 24, 2020.
90-minute Webinar over Zoom.
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Participants will review the competency of Creating Awareness. The webinar will emphasize the coach’s role to invite, observe, notice, and question and the client’s role to understand themselves and the situation at a deeper level or with new perspectives and to learn and design new behaviors or approaches to make changes they desire.

Learning Objectives: Participants will . . . 

  • Define Creating Awareness
  • Discuss the importance of exploring values, beliefs, identity and purpose to help a client gain better understanding
  • Examine the hidden traps of the client’s story, detailed descriptions, or other superficial information that distract from new discoveries and insights
  • Explore mechanisms and approaches to helping clients tie together disparate factors that inform their behaviors and decisions
  • Learn the competency markers for PCC certification
  • Create an action plan to apply to their coaching practice