Webinar 09: Designing Action—Expanding Possibilities


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Webinar Nine: Designing Action—Expanding Possibilities
Tuesday, December 8, 2020.
90-minute Webinar over Zoom.
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Participants will review the competency of Designing Actions. We will emphasize the role of the coach in nudging clients beyond their comfort zones, assisting them in gaining greater awareness, and generating multiple options for action. Participants will learn the importance of helping clients slow down, dig deep, and brainstorm a variety of possibilities, before jumping into action planning based on the first idea generated.

Learning Objectives: Participants will . . . 

  • Define Designing Action
  • Discuss the trap of “either/or” actions
  • Practice ways of expanding the client’s awareness of options and possibilities
  • Explore the process of identifying resources that may be needed or available
  • Learn the competency markers for PCC certification
  • Create an action plan to apply to their coaching practice