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Coach Certification Program

Coach Academy’s Coach Certification Program is innovative, challenging, and designed to satisfy your coach training needs, no matter where you are in your professional development or career. It’s perfect for experienced professionals who want to add coaching certification to their credentials as well as aspiring coaches who are just starting their coaching business. The extensive supervised coaching practice helps to reinforce the learning deep into “muscle memory.” This program completely satisfies two of the three application requirements for ICF certification: up to 75 hours coach-specific training and 10.5 hours mentor coaching.  After you submit your application to ICF, you must also pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) to complete the credentialing process. Coach Academy has an impeccable track record of graduates passing this exam with flying colors. We’re confident you will too.


Virtual Certification Programs

Do you ask yourself, “can I fit in coach certification training in my schedule?” YES with our new, highly successful, and unique virtual program. With up to 75 hours of coach training which are delivered in interactive, and engaging live modules. There are a few hours of mandatory pre-work; self-study, reading, and a short research assignment, but nothing too taxing.

As soon as you START your training, you can immediately start accumulating your coaching experience hours. If you have any current or planned coaching opportunities in the near term, this allows you to get the time clock ticking.


Advanced Certification Program

An innovative, challenging, and comprehensive program, specifically designed for experienced coaches, particularly ICF Associate Certified Coaches (ACCs) or Board Certified Coaches (BCCs), who are ready to take their coaching skills to the NEXT LEVEL. We believe achieving the level of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is a benchmark that demonstrates your professional coaching mastery, builds self-confidence and a sense of achievement, and makes you even more competitive in the marketplace. Having an advanced certification gives the coach a meaningful competitive advantage. 


Mentor Coaching Programs

You can choose between the Individual Attention Mentor Coaching Package or the Blended Mentor Coaching Package. Your mentor coach is Mina Brown, the Founder and President of Coach Academy. Mina is an Master Certified Coach (MCC) and has been a successful coach for over 21 years. She developed or co-developed all of Coach Academy’s several ICF-Approved programs and is the primary instructor of the Coach Certification Program and the CCE Core Competencies Webinars. Students love her depth of understanding about coaching, her sense of humor, and her caring attention to what students and coachees need to grow and develop as a coach and a business professional. Her full bio is available on the Faculty page.


Internal Coach Training

Managers and HR Professionals who are trained coaches are today’s secret weapon for corporate success and competitive excellence. According to the most recent update of Birkman International’s landmark study The New Reality, “Leadership development, finding talent, employee development, and employee retention rank highest in terms of the people-related needs of organizations.”


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